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Apr 11

Niagara Region Science and Engineering Fair

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Every once in a while you read something that gives you a smile and hope for our kids – I love this story!  All the experts in the field never thought of it.

A secondary school student invents a pest integration system to help greenhouse grower.

Ben Friesen entered into the Niagara Region Science and Engineering Fair which was held at Brock University on March 29.  Ben who is in grade 10 at Grimsby Secondary School has developed an ISPI: Integrated System for Pest Integration, to help the greenhouse grower. Friesen got the idea from a greenhouse operator who assisted him with a project last year.

Greenhouse operators hire etymologists to come in and monitor the concentration of pests and insects. The etymologists use sticky tape cards to trap the pests and then analyse the results. Operators would have to keep daily track of these numbers, but hiring an etymologist everyday is very expensive.

Ben’s creation uses a sticky card and a camera takes a shot at the end of the day and specialized software – along with an algorithm Friesen wrote – analyses the photo and determines the number of pests and what kind they are. Results are then emailed to the operator.

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(taken from HortiNews)