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Jul 06

Greenhouse Ventilation

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Greenhouse ventilation methods have really branched out over the past 20 years. In the early 90′s, fans and louvers were the dominant method of cooling your greenhouse. Even greenhouses going up that were 20,000 sq. ft. or larger would be equipped with many fans and louvers, to suit the growers cooling requirements. But over the years, growers have learned that electricity does not come cheap, and this created a desire to improve efficiency. With the electricity rates climbing higher and higher in the early 90′s, it did not make sense to run high powered exhaust fans all day long, when mother nature can provide a much more affordable and sufficient form of ventilation.

Starting in the mid 90′s, different styles of roof vents were being introduced to combat the higher prices of hydroelectricity. Both poly greenhouses and glass greenhouses were implementing multiple new designs. Each style of greenhouse ventilation has its own strengths, depending on the design of the vent, and which direction it opens. The gutter vent was one of the first styles to be introduced on a poly greenhouse. Glass greenhouses have proved quite successful using mini vent windows. From here, different styles have evolved to effectively cool any given crop, and its required cooling capacity. Paul Boers offers many different styles of roof vents that will best accommodate the growers’ needs and their crop requirements. Just tell our sales crew which crop you grow, and in which particular area of North America (or abroad), and we will certainly recommend the best option for your particular growing situation.

Gutter Vent

Raised Roof Vent

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