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May 25

Greenhouse Climate Control

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At one time small to medium sized growers thought that climate control computers were expensive and only for the large operations. That has changed! Presently there are some very powerful systems available for every size greenhouse operation. Even if you have freestanding greenhouses there are simple cost effective solutions to control your climate and most importantly monitor what is the climate in each greenhouse remotely.

Climate Control

Not only does this give the grower peace of mind and save time checking, it saves money on utilities. If you have a separate thermostat controlling your heating and cooling, we all know that in the shoulder seasons they often are on at the same time. And that is expensive!

Depending on your location, there may be incentives from your local utilities that will offset some of the capital costs of installing climate control in your greenhouse. Combine the rebate and the saved energy costs, return on investment can be realized the first year! Now is a good time to call your Paul Boers Manufacturing sales rep and discuss your specific needs.

Are you expanding this year? Now is the time to call your Paul Boers Manufacturing sales rep and discuss your options. Summer and early fall are the ideal time for construction. These dates are rapidly filling up with orders. Be aware that greenhouse construction crews have limited time and are also rapidly filling their schedule. We at Paul Boers Manufacturing are well networked with several greenhouse construction crews across North America, and will assist you in finding a good solution to supply and install your new expansion.

Call Rudy Ouwersloot or Adam Lagerwerf

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