Mr. Paul Boers, founder of Paul Boers Greenhouses, was born in Honselersdijk, and immigrated to Canada in 1951. In 1958, Paul Boers started manufacturing greenhouses under his name in St. Davids, Ontario. The first ranges that went up were the ‘Paul Boers Nu-Gro’ ranges.

After his death in 1991, Mrs. Boers and a general manager ran Paul Boers until it was purchased in 1995 by group of entrepreneurs with European roots. Soon thereafter, Paul Boers moved from St Davids to Vineland Station with a newly built office and warehouse where it currently exists today.

In 2005, Prins Greenhouses purchased Paul Boers to expand into the eastern North American market. There are many employees that continue to work with the company today that remember its founder and had the pleasure to work with Mr. Boers.