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Aug 24

Are you planning a new build?

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The key word is planning! At Paul Boers and Prins Greenhouses we help execute many projects a year and our experience is that planning takes more time than expected by the client. The easy part is getting the quote for the new greenhouse. There are several items listed below that need your attention that will help you get your project done on time.


We suggest that you first call your Paul Boers sales rep and initiate a discussion of what your plans are. Budget prices based on experience can be determined in this initial consolation that can be taken to your lending institution to get an indication if getting the financing will be approved and how long it will take.


Rules at the local municipality change. Don’t think “the last time the permit was no issue and I got it in 10 days” so it will be the same thing this time. Visit your local Town Hall and ask for an Early Consultation with the planning department. They have these handy forms that you need to fill in when you submit your application for building permits. When meeting in person at Town Hall the staff member will check the records and give you the latest information regarding zoning matters pertaining to your property. Watch out for especially for any parts of your land falling under the Conservation Authorities Jurisdiction. They can really hold up the permit approval process.

Is your electrical service and Natural Gas service sized for the anticipated needs of the new build?

Recently I wrote about nutrient water management and it would be good to review that blog if you are planning an expansion ( You also need to be aware of the rules pertaining to Storm Water Management. These regulations are being enforced on farm land as well so be prepared to hire an engineer to design the Storm Water Management Plan.

Also what will be your source for irrigation water? Do you have enough supply?


We at Paul Boers have experience on how to handle permit, utilities and water issues so please when you are planning a expansion, involve us early so we can help you get the above issues addressed long before your new greenhouse needs to be ordered!